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August 2, 2010

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by Dinosaurs

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A new study concludes that Triceratops weren’t a genus at all. They were young members of the genus Torosaurus, previously thought to be a related, larger, but less awesome genus. The confusion came about, they say, because Torosaurus species had different shaped head frills from Triceratops. John Scannella and Jack Horner, the authors of the study, put together a series of skulls (illustrated here) showing ‘Triceratops’ morphing toward a Torosaurid skull shape as they get larger and older. They say the bone in that frill stayed immature, and was thus exceptionally able to change shape much more than previous paleontologists thought possible.

The good news is Torosaurus have long been known to be totally badass-looking. Check out this 1905 rendition.

h/t to Boing Boing.


July 23, 2010

Welcome New Readers! Let me Drive You Away!

I’ve gotten a couple random bursts of increased traffic here lately, mostly thanks to last week’s post on trans job discrimination getting passed around the intertubes. I’m beginning to suspect some people may even be coming back, reading through other posts, commenting a wee bit (I do love commenters!) etc.

If I may steal a quote from a friend’s blog, YOUR PAGEVIEWS ARE LIKE KIBBLE FOR MY EGO!!!1 :D

But, gentle reader, there is one hitch. I discovered today that there is an actual blog called Daily Parasite, presumably mimicking the success of Daily Puppy, Daily Bunny, etc. And thanks to Boing Boing linking this one particular post, I am now aware of a particular parasitic copepod,* Ommatokoita elongata, that makes it’s living attaching to the eyeballs of sharks. Behold:

That gray mass? It’s a shark’s eye. The white bit is the copepod, with an arrow superimposed to show the point where the little things limb disappears into that shark’s fucking EYE OMG. I couldn’t suffer that alone. You had to come along for the ride.

Anyone still here? Well, really, thank you for reading. I’ve been having more fun than usual lately keeping this blog, probably because a) I am procrastinating from my Big Writing Project (which is going well enough, thank you), and b) because I seem to have inadvertently acquired some readers. Really, though, it’s because I’m endlessly fascinated with Statpress, which shows me the search terms that have lead people to my site. (without any personal info on the searcher) According to my meticulous market research, I should be writing a lot more about bioluminescent puppies. You people on the internet just can’t get enough of bioluminescent puppies. Various permutations on that phrase seriously make up about 40% of my traffic. So, for those of you who missed it the first time, I’ll be generous. Just look at this fucking glowing puppy:

Under blacklight

in daylight

See? Isn’t that both adorable and kind of unsettling? That’s the kind of service you can expect here at Don’t settle for any imitations.

*Tiny little critters related to shellfish.


June 17, 2010

Short Story

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Right this moment, there’s a firefly buzzing around my head.  They’ve been quite scarce the last couple years, and I was worried their population might be permanently declining in this area. This year, though, they’re everywhere again, every evening at dusk. And in my office, it seems.

It reminded me of the time a few years ago, when a firefly got into my house and fell in love with the green, blinking power indicator LED on my laptop. It would wait until I’d gone to bed, and then come out to tentatively circle the computer’s power brink.

Blink blink?


A little closer every time. This went on for three nights in a row. I tried to catch the poor little guy and release him outside, where he night find a more appropriate love interest. But I never could. He’d go dark and hide, wait until I was back asleep, and then resume courting the power brick.


December 26, 2008

Bees like drugs too

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So, apperently, if you give honeybees cocaine, they will go back to their hives and totally bullshit about how great their latest pollen find was, via waggle-dance.

Also, the strongest pot has gotten about 3 times more potent in the last 20 years, but it hasn’t come close to the 30x increase in potency former drug czar John Walters tried to claim in 2002, presumably to scare aging hippies into believing today’s super-weed is a <i>totally different</i> and <i>way more dangerous</i> drug than the ‘reefer’ of which they have fond, blurry memories.


May 28, 2008


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Making cyborg monkeys that can perform complex tasks via robotic arms wired directly into their brains is NOT OK. Not only are these folks going to have PETA all up on their asses, eventually the monkeys themselves will take their terrible revenge. Consider this your preemptive ‘I told you so.’

Via Boing Boing.


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